11 Reasons You Should Date a Dancer-Traveler

January 16, 2017

A reblogged post from 2015 :)

1. Challenge is her middle name.

She lives selfishly and full on ego. She strives for different challenges whenever shes out of the comfort zone of her home or rather take on learning tough dance steps.

2. She knows good food.

She may not be an expert at cooking, but she travels to explore, take photos and munch on local dishes..and as a dancer, she burns calories well, therefore she eats rather well too! Never judge. She’s known to have the best choices in cuisines.

3. Inspiration soothes her

Show her your passion, tell her your stories, as she finds that you can inspire her, she might create a dance or something artistic out of it.

4. She’s spontaneous.

You might learn a thing or two when you know you’re with an adventurer and an artist. Typical standard dinner movie date might be accepted, but try going beyond things she doesn’t expect. Unexpected well sorted performance or roadtrip please her more.

5. She loves the water.

She dances, for godsake, she can dive too. Imagine those things combine! Better be prepare to not be afraid of the water. You don’t need to be a pro photog, but know that she’ll need a partner to take pictures dance posing underwater.

6. Support her.

You know she works well with her body, you know she might partner up with a guy, you know she will meet a bunch of new people surrounding her during her travels. Support her passion, she wants you to be able to understand what shes doing and what makes her happy. But know that you’ll always be in her mind everytime she does her things

7. She makes you learn names. 

She meets a lot of people during dance workshops and travel buddies that will suddenly become her bestfriends. Its hard to keep track because she will mention them once or twice, she also will forget who she have told you about. This challenges you to learn names! Have her surprise when you know a thing or two about her new friends

8. Her time is planned accordingly.

She could be held up with dance practices and performances, while her travel plans have been marked in her calendar as well. But she is sure to give you a good quality time together, duly noted this requires booking her ahead of time.

9. She’s independent.

Bare with her as she is used to plan her travels alone or with her friends. She is used to getting to dance practices by herself. Embrace her independence but do show her that you will be there for her when she needs you

10. She’s loving and loyal.

With artist blood running inside her, she’s exposed to heart full of emotions, which means that she’s loving and she adores people, culture and environment she’s thrown into during her travels as well as the way she expresses through her dancing.

11. She has drive and focus.

She pushes the limit of being a traveler, which means she knows what she wants to pursue. Also, imagine if she has to do the Thousand Hands traditional dance if she doesnt have focus and concentration. These are a complete package for her.


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