5 Ways to Celebrate 2017 with a Bang!

January 16, 2017

Looking back at how the end of 2016 pretty much screws me over, the first few weeks of 2017 was still a tad bit disappointing. I wasn't about to bore you with my depressing stories, however. As I found a way to help the process of self-healing (yes, process), I believe these are some ways to celebrate 2017 with a bang!

I may be 17 days late to ever start a resolution, but I believe these are the ways to help us celebrate the new and upcoming years in a more suited and healthy way.

1. Being honest


Force yourself to have an open and honest conversation with the people you love. It is not by nature that we can be brutally honest after keeping all lies and shutting people down. But remind yourself this: only more time got wasted the second more you closed up and buried it in. Breathe, let it sink in, talk it out. You will be okay. After all this time, only ones that loves you will stay. And they'll accept your honesty however exhausting it will be for you.

2. Keep your heart at peace


One thing I learn from the previous year was never to trust my heart again. But for whatever reason, keeping them frozen will only make it suffer and make me less of a happy person that I am. So here's something you should learn and that I'm re-learning this year; was to keep my heart at peace. Make moments everyday to be closer to The Divine. Say things like you want to make it. To get out of your worries and let the powers of His blessings keep your paths clear. Surrendering.

3.  Feelings out loud


If only I could correct the lyrics to the ever sweet melodic Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud, it would be feelings out loud instead. As a firm emotions over logic kind of person, I tend to think more with a heart. Sensitive. Surely I have a habit of keeping all the emotions in until it builds up and finally emerges all at the same time. Such shame that I never learn from my mistake. So another thing to kick off a great start for the new year is to say your feelings out loud. No matter how hilariously awful it may sound, but letting people know what you feel is important to keep a balanced and happier life. Sound off your feelings when you're dissatisfied with work and found a way to change it into something better. Sound off your feelings when you don't like how a person treats you or how they treat something. Start appreciating yourself by making a change from a simple talk about your feelings.

4. Less impulsive

#FidaTravels 2016 Recap

Something hard for me to get by last year was to be overly impulsive over everything. "Let's travel here!" "OK!", "I'm going to give up everything and try out something new." "YES!", I want this, I want that, was everything I went through the past years. Making me be less aware of what was more important and needed. Financial-wise, I was not the best person to look up to last year. This year, I ought to focus on managing time and finances wiser. Try to be less impulsive without having to miss out on something important. Have something that would make you sit and look at how important time and money was (like purchasing something on credit and paying them wisely every month). Then work on delivering those needs without losing your mind. Also (this one's for me personally), measure out the possibilities when someone ask you to accompany them to travel or do anything. Is it needed? Would you travel to the same place again in the same year? What was the benefit for you? Really think it over before you accept and make any impulsive decisions.

5. Pick up a new positive hobby


Think about something you've been wanting to do the past year that you haven't succeed in doing. Pick up the opportunity to try out something new and positive to ease your health and mind starting from this year on. Although my love for dancing is still very strong, I have minimized dancing last year and I missed it very much. I tend to pick up another new hobby that I want to learn this year. Yoga. It has been something that I always wanted to do for a while, just haven't gotten the time and place to start. But this year, it is going to happen! What's something positive you always wanted to do but haven't gotten the chance to? Remember it, find it and pick it up! A healthy and wise heart and mind will go far in life and you should start doing it with a bang!

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