What La La Land Can Teach You About Imperfect Love and Dreams

January 22, 2017

The recently most talked about movie and the one that’s been snatching almost all the Golden Globes Awards, La La Land have been keeping me all gooey jolly inside. Even from the first moment the movie started—you know, where they were all singing and dancing during traffic, yeah, I wanted to be part of it right away! (perfect for Jakarta’s traffic anyway). Basically since the few seconds of the film, it left me smiling ear to ear. 

The passion, arts and music that was placed into the film was so put together, it was almost magical to watch. Color tone, set scenes, magical lighting and effects was also perfected in the realm of imagineers, reminding us about classic Disney movies we love so much. Except that it was not Disney, it was a whole brand new refreshed film. Taking setting in combination of the old Hollywood classics and the present, the film portray a story about two dreamers who became lovers trying to pursue a career in the arts.


Unlike many other love stories, La La Land doesn’t give you that promising happy ending. It will make you leave the theater feeling overwhelmed with emotions and heartfelt for Mia and Sebastian (played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling). Besides the whole dancing, music and original scores that painted this movie in colors (kudos to the writers, really!), I can’t leave the fact at how the love story develops overtime. In the end, disappointment and opportunities can’t keep the two lovers together, however they are able take it on for learning and help them grow. This is exactly why La La Land is the perfect film to teach you about imperfect love and dreams, and why you should grow and learn from your past.

  1. You found each other for a reason.

    Mia and Sebastian are two cross-lovers who have initial passion of something they want to achieve. Mia is a struggling actress trying to secure every audition. Meanwhile Sebastian and his love for traditional jazz wants bring back the classic music scene into the present world. If Sebastian hadn’t inspire Mia to write her own script and created her own play, she would not have been discovered and become an international actress within 5 years. Sometimes the person you met can give you new perspective and ideas as they encourage you to pursue greater things in life. Things we were afraid to get started in the first place.

  2. Your life experience will be different because of them.

    If it wasn’t for Sebastian’s passion in jazz, Mia would’ve still hated that music genre, and Sebastian would still be ignorant about why someone like Mia would spend the rest of her life acting in a movie. But they learn about that dream from each other. They became open minded about a whole new world they weren’t familiar with and teaches them more about themselves and the world around them. This may be the case for you and your past lovers, and you really shouldn’t be living in regrets.

  3. You will get disappointed then realize it is only an impending opportunity.

    The world has this crazy way to keep us clueless about the future. You may think you’re on the right path to choose a career, but in the end you get disappointed about how it has lead you. Worse, you may let people you love down because of your choices. Mia was disappointed when Sebastian decided to work long-term with a band that contradicts everything he has preached about traditional jazz. It took a toll in their relationship, resulting in anger and regret. However, looking at how both turn out in the end, they eventually pursued their dreams successfully. I guess having to go their separate ways, it leaves them more freedom to choose their path. Nothing may seem the best idea at times, but as long as you keep following your passion and dreams, no matter how long it takes, you will still be able to make it.

Surely we needed that kind of support in our life. The kind like Mia and Sebastian one who believes in us, who made us fulfil our dreams, and pushes us until we make it. And you would be really lucky to ever found that someone along the way in your life. And though they may not make it in your life at the end, you will forever know that they were the one who made you strive for that goal.

For all i know, in 5 years, you’ll be right outside of the dreadful city making every place you walk in to, your home. And for some of us, we will be sitting in front of our laptop, sipping hot chocolate writing, creating and presenting, not having to work another day behind the cubicle of a tight-spaced office.

And we are going to look back at what Mia and Sebastian said to each other,

“I’m always gonna love you”

“I’m always gonna love you, too”

Also inspired by a post from Verily.

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