June 01, 2018

Commission work for PT Meester Global Media, company profile.
December 2018

About Us 

Established in December 5th 2018, Meester is an advertising enterprise that focuses on leading the future with the power of LED projections. Meester is based in Jakarta, serving the Indonesian market, both in the private and government sectors. 

What We Do 

We create, produce and develop ideas and poured it into a large public display of advertisement (PDA). We build reality based on your preferred dreams, through motion displays in our LED screens. Your options are open with our selections of business models; whether it’s static, in-motion or digitally utilized, we have all the alternatives that meets your business. 


We aim to become the leading and best media and advertising company on a domestic and international scale. 


1. Bring the best service to our customers 

2. Produce exceptional quality of our products 

3. Continue to innovate and keep updated with the latest trends, while serving better performance through gaining greater knowledge 

Why Us 

We provide innovative and large marketing strategies with cost effective targets while keeping a personal value at hand. 

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