What's in My Hospital Bag

January 26, 2020

During this third trimester of pregnancy, we have to start preparing for a few things. Not only that I have to prepare my body to give birth by exercising and reading lots of articles about gentle birth, I have also started to pack my hospital bag since my pregnancy was 34 weeks old. 

As I have slightly prepared and bought some mom and baby items since my 7 month pregnancy, I haven't had the time to actually nest, or putting every little baby clothes in the laundry or taking out the sterilizers out, wash the bottles and hand-me-down breast pump until around 32 weeks pregnant. So even preparing the hospital bag still seems like a long way to go. As we started preparing our hospital bag, I keep on going back and forth, packing and repacking, while browsing online what actually are our needs before going to the hospital. 

Then I found out that both mom and dad also needs just as much packing preparation as the baby's needs. To be honest, we are still 95% ready with our packing. Let's just pray we won't miss anything! So after I've done my research, these are the items that I have packed on our hospital bag:

Baby items:

  • 1 pack of Newborn diapers
  • Baby toiletries (Mine includes: hair and body shampoo, diaper cream, moisturizing cream, minyak telon, wet tissue, and hair brush)
  • 1 pack of Cotton balls
  • 1 pack of clothes. This includes:
    • 2 sets of comfy cotton short sleeves and shorts 
    • 2 sets of comfy cotton long sleeves and pants pyjamas (can be 1 set onesies)
    • 1 pair of socks 
    • 2 pairs of gloves and socks
    • 2 sets baby swaddles (bedong)
    • 2 sets of going home clothes (I prepared 2 sets, just to have different options :P)
    • 1 baby bandana, because my little girl will need to look cute going back home from the hospital.
  • 1 baby blanket (can be used to cover the baby back from the hospital)

Mommy's items:

  • 2 sets of house dress (daster) that has front button/zipper to help ease breastfeeeding
  • 2 sets of nice clothes to wear when going back home, or when you need to change for guests
  • 1 instant hijab (bergo) that is long enough to cover the chest area. So when you attend unexpected guests or you had to walk around the hospital waiting for opening during labor,  you can just instantly cover and be comfortable 
  • Under garments and nursing bra
  • Nursing cover
  • Versatile beach cover (to become a blaket, emergency covers for your body, to cover your bottom if you haven't felt comfortable wearing undies after birth, emergency hijab. Basically for anything!
  • Breast pump, breast pads and breast milk bag (if needed)
  • Towels and toiletries (to share with Daddy)
  • Postnatal pads
  • Corsets to wear when going home (optional)

Daddy's items:

  • 1 set sleeping wear
  • 3 sets of everyday wear (tshirt/shirt + jeans) to meet guests, doctors and hospital administration purposes.
  • 1 hooded jacket if he gets cold waiting or sleeping
  • 1 pair of socks and eye cover for extra comfort after hours of helping Mommy and welcoming child.
  • 1 pair of sandals/slippers because they're more comfortable than shoes
  • Gadgets and book to kill time while waiting
  • Documents for administrations
  • Prayer set

Some good to haves:

  • Traditional baby carrier (selendang gendongan). According to some gentle birth education I read, it would be helpful to have this ready to help ease labor pain, as your husband can place it around your butt and shake them gently as you lean on a birthing/gym ball (rebozo shake).
  • Camera for documentation.
While baby's items are prepared and packed in a Jujube bag that I was so happy to purchase, due to its large compartment and stylish design, I've put Mommy and Daddy's items in one cabin-sized luggage, so everything is kept properly without needing to get confused where everything is placed.

Of course these items won't be too accurate for everyone. However, depending on your needs and what your hospital provides, this is still a good amount of items to prepare. Make sure to get all the packing finalized before your week 38, so if anything happens, you can always just take your hospital bags and go!

Daddy's side vs Mommy's side

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